Case Study: Style Yourself Chic Society


The Situation

With the Megan LaRussa in-person clients growing to maximum capacity, she needed to develop an additional outlet for growth. Sharing her knowledge and mission of empowering women through style with a larger audience could be the answer – but how?

The Process - In action


The Dig


Important questions needed to be answered. Who was Megan’s current audience?  Did they differ across various platforms?  What users were engaging with her newsletter most frequently?  What were other social media patterns?  What service could be provided to large groups of users?

Once the current audience was identified, I conducted a focus group with both clients and non-clients that sufficiently represented the appropriate demographics.  Key takeaways included the type of program needed to reach an additional audience, impressions of similar programs, the strengths and weaknesses of these competitors, and recommendations on developing a new style program with Megan.

360° Strategy


The results showed that women were craving a program that helped them stay up to date and current with style without breaking the bank.Fetch Marketing recommended creating a subscription service that was unique in the sense that unlike the fashion box competitors, it would also incorporate Megan's mission of empowering women to feel like their best selves.

The Style Yourself Chic Society (SYC Society) was born.  Before this could be implemented, I needed to consider several important questions such as: What will we offer? What does this product look like visually? How often is it available? How can we support it from a marketing perspective?  What is the pricing structure? How do we sell it to our customers?

All of these details were addressed and Megan was ready to launch the subscription program, enabling her to work with women everywhere. 

On-Point Marketing Plan


Implementation relied heavily on marketing, and with Fetch Marketing’s help a 6-month customized marketing plan was created to ensure the new program was launched with a bang and continued the momentum months after.  A weekly newsletter was sent out to current subscribers and a specific Facebook group was created that included daily posts.  User engagement was increased through the current newsletter by offering an opt-in series (5 day free trial) for the SYC Society. Paid social advertising also helped reach new individuals who were then converted to users.

The Results

Within 3 months of launching the program, The Megan LaRussa brand is seeing a 16% increase in sales monthly from the SYC Society! With the goal is to continue to work together to increase this growth in sales by 30% by the end of the year!