Have you heard about Vero?

There is a new app on the block that is creating quite the stir in the digital world, enter Vero. While Vero was first launched in 2005, it most recently started gaining traction most likely due to the fact that it is built on an algorithm free platform. So what does that mean? Let's dive in! 

What is Vero?

Vero is a new social media app that prides itself for having an ad-free and organic experience. In Italian, the meaning of Vero is "truth" which the new app believes they represent by providing an "authentic" experience.

Recently, Instagram has been getting negative feedback due to algorithm changes. Users are no long seeing an organic stream of images as they are posted. Instead, they are seeing images from friends and influencers that the user engages with the most (likes and comments). This is causing a decrease in engagement for most influencers as not every person likes/comments on a photo they view. 

Similar to Instagram, Vero shows a stream of photos from your "friends" and allows for comments, likes, and shares. But the key difference is that there are no algorithms that hinder from having a true organic experience. This means that the feed is chronological and when you pull up the app, you will see the posts that were most recently posted. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? 


Is it worth the download? 

Unfortunately, Vero is a bit too good to be true. As the app began to gain traction, the truth of the user experience was revealed. Users experienced trouble from the initial attempt to sign up. From not receiving the confirmation email to finalize set up to tech issues with actually posting on the app, the range of problems vary and keep coming. Many believe that this is from the app's inability to handle the recent surge of users. Either way, there is nothing worse than getting on a social media app and experiencing issues with using it. Social media is suppose to be fun! 

To top it off, once a user decides that they want to delete their profile due to the tech and user issues, there is not a clear way to delete the app. Rather than having a delete your profile button, you have to submit the request to delete the app. It then can take a week or so to hear back that your request has been accepted. While your profile will eventually be deleted, it is a process that no one really wants to deal with. 

Overall Recommendation

While the new Instagram updates can be a bit frustrating, I would recommend staying on the social app and avoiding moving to new trendy apps that pop up along the way. As a business owner, influencer, or social media lover, focus your attention on different ways to engage your audience to ensure that you beat the algorithms. From utilizing Instagram stories to asking questions in your social posts that engage users, there are several ways to ensure that you are continuing to engage with your community. 

Plus, Instagram is always making updates to improve its platform, so who knows what exciting changes are to come!

Have you tried the new social app, Vero? Let me know in the comments below!

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