Fetching Goals for 2019


A new year has dawned, and Fetch Marketing is feeling especially aspirational! With a new year comes a plethora of new goals, thoughts, directions and so forth. I’m certainly ready to see where this year will take Fetch, and with that, I have set some goals to keep us chasing the dream, or shall we say chasing the ball.

1. Practice what we preach

When I tell clients to up-level their marketing efforts on social media, their newsletter, their sales funnel, etc, Fetch should be doing the same!

This year, Fetch is focusing on posting on social media more consistently, engaging more with our community, and giving our community more of what they deserve to hear from us. #gofetch

2. Create ways to work with more small businesses

Since Fetch is a small team, I take on only so many new clients at a time so I can best serve them; I always want to be pushing our mission to help small businesses fetch their business goals thus creating more ways to work with people like yourself!

*Fun Fact* I am working to create more ways for our community to learn how to build a marketing blueprint and up-level their marketing. Stay tuned, you’ll want this for your small business, I promise!

3. Delegate

With the first 2 goals already moving in high force, it is important to remember to delegate and that is a high priority goal this year.

I delegate - graphics, writing, accounting for my clients, but it is time we all do it for ourselves even more than we already do. A little help doesn’t hurt!

I am excited to welcome a new member to the Fetch team, Catherine Griffin, who will be helping with our marketing efforts! Told you having a little help is a good thing!

4. Less screen time

With our world being so digital these days, most of my day is spent on the computer, which means when the day is done, it is time for me to put the computer and phone up!

And once the computer and phone are up, it is time to spend more quality time with loved ones and be present. Work can wait until the next day. Like I tell my clients - we aren’t performing heart surgery, it is marketing, and if you don’t get it right the first time, that is ok! It is all a learning process!

5. Drink more water!

And of course, I have to put in a health goal - to drink more water!! I have set myself reminders on my phone every 2 hours to remind me to drink water!

I’m eager with anticipation for this year and hopeful these goals will drive Fetch Marketing in the best direction. As with all goals, you must be realistic and have the determination to follow through with check-ins along the way, and I can assure you, Fetch Marketing is all-in and ready to conquer 2019 with these goals ahead of us. What goals do you have for your small business this year?

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