Life Lessons from My Dog

As you may have picked up, we’ve kind of got a thing for dogs around here. And truly, what’s a life without dogs? We sure don’t know. Being around our furry friends has taught us a thing or two and we’re here to share the ways our dogs, in turn, enlighten us.

Lesson 1: When a Chew Toy Gets Too Worn, We Throw it Away.

How many dog toys have you gone through and had to toss out due to being tattered? Yeah, us too. The remarkable thing, every single time, is that no matter how many beloved squeaky plush bear toys with arms halfway ripped off “go missing,” dogs never gripe or lose a lick of sleep over it. They are simply content with what they do have at their disposal.

Lesson 2: Greet Everyone You Meet with Joy.

It never fails, every time you arrive home as a dog owner, you are greeted with immense joy. Even if it was just 10 minutes apart. What would our world look like if we treated everyone we met with in such a way? I never get over the excitement my pup, Sawyer, gets when he sees us after a day at Creative Dog Training for Daycare. Simply put, live like there is no tomorrow, and be light to those you encounter.

Lesson 3: Keep Your Eyes on the Ball.

This is easily demonstrated every time we play fetch. Catherine, our newest Fetch team member, says she can make the smallest turn in a direction and her pup, Janie, is ready to dart as quickly as she can to get that tennis ball. The determination Janie displays during a game of fetch is comparable to very little else, other than getting a treat. At the end of the day, determination and focus get you the ball.

Lesson 4: Shake, Run, and Lie down Like No One is Watching.

Go out in the world and be YOU. Sawyer does the funniest things and just does not care what we think! It is the best reminder that we should all beat to our own drum and not worry about others’ judgement.

Lesson 5: Be Loyal.

This one’s obvious, right? A dog is man’s best friend. Choose your crew and be devoted to them. Seek their best interest and care for them well. This is the exact hope I have for each and every client we work with!

Oh, how grateful we are to live in a world with dogs. They shift our perspective and remind us to not get caught up on the small things. There is so much good in the world and if we choose to focus on it, what a difference we could all make!

Catherine GriffinComment