Trending in 2019


With the first full month of the year coming to a close, it is time that we address the marketing trends you need to be implementing for the year! 2019 is already challenging businesses to reach their audience in unique, meaningful ways, and we want to make sure that you are in the know with the TOP trends to keep your competitive edge.

Build Trust

In 2018, we saw a lot of mistrust happen in the world of marketing, such as with Facebook. Users felt their data was breached and lost trust in using social media across several platforms. So in 2019, the emphasis should be placed on values-based marketing. This means looking at your customer base and understanding what they CARE about.

An example of values-based marketing is adding personal touches or offering direct help to your audience as much as possible! This can be done in so many ways such as making sure to respond to ALL direct messages on social media.

Do you currently respond to all of your direct messages on social media? Tell us in the comments!

Use Stories

Stories allow for you to reach 2 to 3 times the individuals than the traditional feed, and that won’t be changing in 2019. In 2019, we will see even MORE emphasis on stories, including Facebook Stories. And soon...the feed will become a thing of the past.

Have you thought about adding a stories strategy? Let us know in the comments below.

The Power of a Micro-Influencer

Influencers are taking over, in case you haven’t noticed and this is no longer limited to major celebrities. Brands are starting to turn towards a “micro-influencer,” someone who has a smaller following, but a very engaged audience.

Who are micro influencers in your industry? Name yours in the comments.

Utilizing Data Insights

In 2019, real-time experience data will become more important than EVER for forming the foundation of a brand’s marketing strategy. This type of data answers essential questions, like: how are your customers engaging with you right now? Are they happy customers at this time? Is the product doing what they expect? Is your care team meeting the needs of every customer? And this data can easily be pulled from your website or social media analytics. So where can you find this data? It can easily be found via your social media or website analytics.

We would love to know, do you look at your social media and website insights? If so, tell us more in the comments below!

Creativity, not conformity

In 2019, it is time to think outside the box for your marketing tactics and strategy. Just because one brand is doing it, doesn’t mean it is right for you! In a marketing world that is so digital - are there creative and original ways to stand out? Is print marketing right for you? Move away from click bait and create original content -and always remember to be creative and have fun!

What is a fun way you have included creativity in your marketing efforts? Let us know in the comments below!

We can’t help but feel excited and ready to pursue this year with these trends in mind. The world is craving authentic relationship and companies. Now it’s your turn to let your small business shine.

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