Conquering Instagram Like a Pro


5 Strategies to Ramp up Your Instagram

Oh, the world of Instagram. We are officially in the day and age where everything is possible through your phone, and more specifically, through Instagram. Want to shop? Check Instagram. Want to message your favorite company? Done. As a business owner, it is in your absolute best interest to be utilizing Instagram for all it’s worth. We’ve highlighted the tricks of the trade for you to be a success on social media!

Time of Day

While Instagram is all about engagement, it is still important to be strategic with the timing of your posts. Think about what time your community gets on social media and post around that time. Are you targeting mom’s who may be scrolling through Instagram when picking up the kids? Or young employees who may be scrolling through Instagram during that afternoon lull? Posting time is crucial.


I know we have said this time and time again, but that is just because it is so important. The best way to ramp up your Instagram is by engaging. The more engagement you have the more likely your post will show up at the top of a follower’s feed. Examples of engagement could include - responding to all comments on your post, creating content that your followers will actually “like,” and using stories!

Instagram Stories

Like we mentioned above engagement is key on Instagram and using stories is a huge piece of that puzzle. So what do you post on stories? Tell an actual story! Rather than just posting a one off post here and there, take a few photos or videos and create a story behind what you are doing. This will increase engagement where people will want to keep clicking through to see the whole story.

Business Profile

If you don’t already have a business profile, it is time to convert your Instagram page into one. All you have to do is connect your Instagram to your Facebook page and voila! Once you have a business profile, the next step is to add different ways that a follower can connect with you. Is that via DM? Or text? Are you offering a product that you can sell via the “shop” section? Or offering tickets people can purchase? Include all of these details! Use all of the different Instagram assets to your business’ advantage!

Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags ARE still relevant and you should be using them. We get the question if hashtags are still relevant a lot when working with clients as you see hashtags as broad as #photooftheday to hashtags as specific as #fetchmarketing. So how do you know what hashtags are most relevant for you? First, hashtags ARE still relevant and should be part of your marketing strategy! And the specific hashtags you use should be determined based on your business goals and target market. For example, as a marketing firm targeting potential clients both in and out of the Birmingham market, we use a variety of hashtags focused on the Birmingham area (#instabham) and the marketing world in general (#marketingtips)!

Instagram is here to stay people. And so is your business. Marry the two and you’ve got a booming business ready to soar. We’re here to assist in all of your social media frenzy. We’re the ones brushing up on this daily, so buckle up and take a stab at it. And when you need help, pick our brains, we’re here to help!

Chelsey HeslopComment