3 Reasons on Why You Should do a Quarterly Check-in


With this year’s first quarter practically behind us, it’s a great time to revisit the idea of quarterly check-ins.    

Quarterly check-ins are a great way to keep your company on track and evaluate its progress. At Fetch Marketing, brands that want to continue working together are provided quarterly check-ins of analytics that provide suggestions and solutions as the market changes and your company grows.

During these check-ins we take the time to:

  • Speak with the business owner about the past quarter’s ups and downs, gaining an understanding of how they felt the past quarter went from their view point

  • Review the past quarter’s social media activity, website traffic, and any other relevant analytics

  • Build out the next quarter’s marketing plan, combining our knowledge of the past quarter’s results and what is coming up for the brand, making strategic decisions throughout the entire process

But you might be wondering, why do I need to do this OR why is it important… So we’ve highlighted three reasons for you on why quarterly check-ins are so important!  

Find out what your community is and isn't engaging in

 See where the majority of your followers are and go from there. Pay attention to the content that inspires your audience and work that into your goals and strategies for the next quarter.

Gives you the time and a reason to sit down and plan what the next quarter looks like

It’s important to assess what worked in the previous quarter, what didn’t work and where improvements can be made going forward. If you’re concerned about finding the time to accomplish these tasks, then fear not because it’s basically already worked itself into your calendar! Give your business the time and attention it needs, and check-ins is a great excuse to secure that time.

Create solutions on how to improve and continue to best serve your community

 Ask yourself, how can I set myself up for success? Take a proactive approach to ensure that your content always has a purpose and aligns with the needs of your audience. Give your audience the content they deserve!

How do you know if you’re moving in the right direction if you don’t go back to check-in once in a while? Quarterly check-ins can make all the difference moving into the second quarter! Here’s to a great Q2!

Mary Claire Sweatt