Blog Post Ideas

The goal to a successful blog is creating genuine value and content in each post. Easier said than done, right? Blogging is fun and all until you run out of things to write about. Has this happened to anyone else? Just know you aren’t alone.

 If a blog is part of your online strategy you need ideas to write about to keep the content coming. Keep the content fresh and add variety so people don’t keep scrolling on by! Here’s a breakdown of some ideas to consider when looking to stretch your blog content even further:

  • Lessons learned

What have you learned from your business? One thing you wish you knew? Best piece of advice? Share it with your community! Whatever mistake you have made, life lesson you have learned, I am sure someone could benefit from that, whether they put it towards their personal life or their business. 

  • Ideas, tips and tricks

Any how-tos? Your best tips and tricks? Places you get inspiration? We live in a referral-driven culture so share your insights and recommendations! Sharing your experiences and knowledge also adds great variety and personality to your post. And be sure to keep your tone of voice casual and relatable when sharing tips and tricks, we don’t want your audience to feel like they are back in school. :)

  • Your favorites

What’s your favorite podcast? Favorite business resources? Quotes? Are there any cool apps you use everyday? Again, these can be personal favorites or more business-oriented, either way it’s sure to have an impact on your readers.

  • Running your business

What worked when growing your business? What didn’t? What goes on behind the scenes? You’re running a business, so give your readers a taste of what it’s all about!

  • About your industry

What’s something you want changed in your industry? Any innovative ideas? Emerging trends you need to focus on? Share and let your readers in, you get the picture.

We get it, sometimes you just need a little inspiration, and we are here to help! Take these ideas, let your creative juices flow, and start creating blog post that ensures your readers are always able to enjoy relevant and impactful content that will help to benefit their lives!

Mary Claire Sweatt