The Inspiration Behind the Brand

I love the concept of “inspiration.” What inspires you or where do you find inspiration? Inspiration is everywhere and the possibilities are endless. For this weeks blog post, I’m sharing what inspired my brand and how the creative genius, Holly Hollon, brought it to life. 

When I first approached Holly, I knew I wanted something unique. I wanted a brand that truly represented me and my mission but also one that had a sense of professionalism to it. What attracted me to her work is the fact that she hand draws her designs and thinks about a brand in a conceptual manner. The name Fetch came from the fact that I wanted to help clients FETCH their goals AND the fact that I am a huge dog lover, and I wanted the brand to reflect both concepts.

Holly’s process is seamless, from answering the brand questionnaire to asking me to create an inspiration board full of images that inspire me, I knew I was in the best hands every step of the way.

Below you will find a few images from my brand pinterest board

shake shack.jpg

I’m a huge fan of the Shake Shack green. I really like the small elements they include to give the logo a pop! I also loved this business card with the pink lining. What a way to make an impression when meeting with a potential client!

collateral elements.jpg

I, of course, knew that I wanted a dog involved in some form of fashion and pinned several dog style logos for reference. And once again, I was attracted to branding elements that brought in pops of color, especially in the detailed brand elements.

Then, once all of the inspiration was pinned & questions were answered, Holly was ready to work her magic!

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 8.51.29 PM.png

Final Logo Design

I’m obsessed and still obsessed with the logo Holly created. The dog looks exactly like my dog, Sawyer, and I love how he is in the “Fetch” position. It is clean, easy to ready, and clear! My favorite thing about Holly is that she believes every element of a brand has a purpose. She thinks through every detail to ensure that it is conceptual and fully represents the brand's purpose and the brand's owner, and she did just that!

She then created several additional elements to support the logo. My process includes 4 steps:

The Dig 360-Marketing Strategy On-Point Marketing Plan GO Fetch

And a few more supporting elements, tennis balls, a quarterly check-in, and amazing business cards.

I could go on and on, but I’ll let the brand speak for itself. Having a strong visual brand is vital when building a business, and investing in a trusted designer to bring your brand to life is a must. Holly brought my dream brand into a reality, and Fetch Marketing wouldn’t be here today without her. Follow along with her on Instagram HERE to see behind the scenes of her working on so many different fun events and brands!!

Mary Claire Sweatt