Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy



Brand Checkup

for established businesses

The Brand Checkup process is for businesses over a year old and uses research and analytics to explore current marketing trends, investigate the competitive landscape and review your company’s strengths and weaknesses. 

We understand that every business is unique and will work to identify the marketing strategies and tactics that fit perfectly with communicating your brand’s story through the appropriate channels while achieving determined growth and revenue goals.

What does this include?

  • A Discovery Questionnaire
  • 360-Degree Marketing Strategy
  • Detailed Marketing Plan
  • A Marketing Toolkit
  • A Messaging Map


Brand Start Up

for new businesses

Through deep dive research, analytics to measure the competitive landscape of your business, and strategies pinpointing the best content for your brand story, a creative marketing plan will be developed and ready for implementation to ensure growth and success. 

The startup plan, which hones in on the greatest opportunities for establishing a solid foundation, includes a discovery questionnaire, a 360-degree marketing strategy, a detailed marketing plan, a marketing toolkit, and a messaging map that outlines your go-to topics as you build that connection with your target audiences.

What does this include?

Quarterly Check-Ins

Quarterly Check-ins


Quarterly Check-ins

staying in touch

For brands who want to continue our work together, I provide quarterly check-ins of analytics providing suggestions and solutions as the market and company goals change.

Project Management

Project Management


Project Management & Consulting

aiding in your company's execution

Project management and consulting opportunities are available on an hourly basis. We can provide support and continue to act as a guide for your business. Connect with creative entrepreneurs for additional services, implementation services, custom package depending on clients needs.